k shoes heritage centre

For over 160 years high quality shoes and boots were manufactured at Kendal’s ‘K’ Shoe Factory. This unique heritage is an integral part of K Village, The Lakes Outlet.

In essence the Heritage Centre tells the story of shoe making in Kendal, and how life has changed over the 160 years, both for employees of ‘K’ Shoes. It also explains the influence the factory has had on the development of the wider community. By charting the social and economic influence of such a major contributor to the local economy, a picture is painted of what it was like to live, work and play within a stones throw of the factory gates.

A dedicated lift brings visitors straight into the Heritage Centre on the first floor and is open everyday from 9.30 through to 6pm Monday – Saturday. Sunday 10am – 6pm.

Free admission

Q. What's the picture? A. It's the old cutting room at the K Shoes factory that used to stand right where K Village is sited nowadays. Learn more in our Heritage Centre!